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NEW Controller AR3

Launching soon!

NEW Next-generation Customizable Connectivity Solution

Innovative Control Technology. Universal Connectivity Solution. Fully Integrated Components.

BTR Controls Website

June 2023

New BTR Corporate Website Launch

New site reinforces BTRs expertise delivering innovative custom control solutions that fit the exact needs of OEM high-speed door manufacturers ....  read more »

Wireless Remote Host

October 2020

New Wireless Remote Host

Wirelessly connect to any new or existing industrial door or gate sensor for trouble-free activation and safety. ....  read more »

Wireless Safety Sensor

June 2020

New Wireless Safety Sensor

Wirelessly connect to any Remote Host, External Host, or Door Controller enabled with the SeyWave® system....  read more »

DG Mini VFD Controller

August 2016

New Digital Gateway-MINI Compact VFD Door Controller

All-inclusive VFD functionality of our Digital Gateway II® in a clean, compact version for space restricted applications...  read more »

SeyWave Wireless Family

October 2013

New SeyWave Wireless Door Sensor

Reliable, scalable wireless solution for industrial doors, gates and docks. gates...  read more »

Illumadoor Safety Strip

October 2013

New Illumadoor LED Signaling System

3-color LED Traffic Light Signaling System improves safety around your high-speed doors, docks, and machinery....  read more »

Standard Absolute Encoder

January 2011

New Absolute Magnetic Encode

Low-cost solution for OEM's in a customizable package to fit specific applications..  read more »

DGII Integrated VFD Controller

June 2010

New Digital Gateway II Integrated VFD Door Controller

Universally compatible controller ensures optimal energy efficient operation for high-speed industrial door, gates and docks...  read more »

Dedicated Distributed Controller

October 2003

NEW Dedicated Distributed Controller

New proprietary design that reduces costs and enhances the features and functionality of existing equipment...  read more »

BTR Controls Building

September 2003

Control Associates Merges with BTR Controls

Control Associates & Mfg., a control panel developer/manufacturer, acquires BTR Controls Inc...  read more »

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