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NEW Controller AR3
AR3_Product 1.5ft H 1700px 8bit.png

March 2024

NEW AR3 Advanced Variable Speed Commercial Door Controller Launch

Announcing the next generation of commercial door controls, providing door manufacturers with a complete, intuitive and cost-effective solution without compromising performance...   

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BTR Controls Website

June 2023

New BTR Corporate Website Launch

New site reinforces BTRs expertise delivering innovative custom control solutions that fit the exact needs of OEM high-speed door manufacturers ....  read more »

Wireless Remote Host

October 2020

New Wireless Remote Host

Wirelessly connect to any new or existing industrial door or gate sensor for trouble-free activation and safety. ....  read more »

Wireless Safety Sensor

June 2020

New Wireless Safety Sensor

Wirelessly connect to any Remote Host, External Host, or Door Controller enabled with the SeyWave® system....  read more »

DG Mini VFD Controller

August 2016

New Digital Gateway-MINI Compact VFD Door Controller

All-inclusive VFD functionality of our Digital Gateway II® in a clean, compact version for space restricted applications...  read more »

SeyWave Wireless Family

October 2013

New SeyWave Wireless Door Sensor

Reliable, scalable wireless solution for industrial doors, gates and docks. gates...  read more »

Illumadoor Safety Strip

October 2013

New Illumadoor LED Signaling System

3-color LED Traffic Light Signaling System improves safety around your high-speed doors, docks, and machinery....  read more »

Standard Absolute Encoder

January 2011

New Absolute Magnetic Encode

Low-cost solution for OEM's in a customizable package to fit specific applications..  read more »

DGII Integrated VFD Controller

June 2010

New Digital Gateway II Integrated VFD Door Controller

Universally compatible controller ensures optimal energy efficient operation for high-speed industrial doors, gates and docks...  read more »

Dedicated Distributed Controller

October 2003

NEW Dedicated Distributed Controller

New proprietary design that reduces costs and enhances the features and functionality of existing equipment...  read more »

BTR Controls Building

September 2003

Control Associates Merges with BTR Controls

Control Associates & Mfg., a control panel developer/manufacturer, acquires BTR Controls Inc...  read more »

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