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DG Mini Controller

Elgin, Illinois, August 1, 2016 – BTR Controls, Inc. a leading developer and manufacturer of custom controls for industrial doors, gates and docks today announces the introduction of a new DG-Mini advanced integrated variable speed door controller in a very compact package.


The DG-Mini is an advanced all-inclusive variable speed door controller for motors up to 2 HP at input voltages or either 120 or 230 volt single phase. Both provide a 230 volt, 3 phase output for the motor.Unique to the overall design is a single processor for logic, safety and motor parameters thus ensuring immediate response under all conditions. Logic and power boards are both physically and electronically separated for maximum isolation.


When coupled with the proprietary BTR encoder, the system becomes a closed vector loop offering energy savings with real time torque control of the motor. Doors will run smoother and last longer.


Included as standard is the BTR SeyWave® wireless system for door sensor and remote pushbutton operators. It is an FCC and IC licensed product operating in the 2.4 GHz band for global acceptance. The door sensor uses full two-way communications and dual verification of safety device operation thus complying with the UL325 Entrapment Standard.


An optional plug-in Wi-Fi module becomes a pipeline for wireless servicing and monitoring of all connected doors. Through a proprietary cloud based subscription system and our Smart Device App, keeping track of door operation and condition is at your fingertips.


The DG-Mini is listed under cUL 508C and cUR 325.


Additional information about the DG-Mini and BTR Controls’ other products and services can be viewed here.


About BTR Controls, Inc.

BTR Controls’ vision is to provide innovative product design and manufacturing for the industrial door, gate and dock industry. In addition to the DG-Mini, BTR Controls offers the Digital Gateway®II advanced variable speed door controller, Illumadoor® Signaling System, molded encoder with both absolute position and pulse generator and the SeyWave® wireless system including door sensor module, remote push buttons & pull cord,. BTR Controls is strategically located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.


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