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BTR Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  Can the DGII or DG-MINI controllers be used with other products?

A:  The DGII and DG-MINI are universally compatible and can be used with door reversing edge systems, door positioning sensors, photocells, light curtains and more.

Q:  What kind of motor is compatible with the DGII and DG-MINI?

A:  The DGII and DG-MINI are compatible with a wide variety of AC induction, 3-phase asynchronous motors. Use with motors up to 460 volt 5HP and 230 volt 3HP. 

Q:  Can the DGII and DG-MINI controllers be used outside?

A:  Yes, when installed in UL Type 4X enclosure.


Q:  What is the operating temperature of the DGII controller and DG-MINI controller?

A:  The DGII and DG-MINI controllers operate in temperatures of 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)

Q:  Are DGII and DG-MINI controllers UL certified?

A:  Yes, all BTR controllers are cUL 508c listed and cUR 325 recognized.


Q:  Are the SeyWave components UL certified?

A:  The SeyWave Safety Sensor meets UL 325 and is cUR 325 recognized.

Q: What frequency does the SeyWave System operate?

A:  2.4GHz for global acceptance and licensed by FCC and IC.

Q:  What is the wireless range of the SeyWave System?

A:  Normal wireless range for the SeyWave Wireless System is 150 feet.

Q:  How many remote pushbutton stations can I connect to a SeyWave Wireless System?

A:  Connect up to 20 push button stations per one sensor.

Q:  What are the operating temperatures of the SeyWave Wireless Host and Remotes?

A:  The SeyWave Wireless Host and Remotes operate in temperatures of -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C)

Q:  What kind of batteries do your remote wireless devices require? 

A:  Pull Cord and Palm Button Stations require standard AA batteries. The Safety Sensor requires a specific 3.6 volt battery (see user manual for part number).


Q:  Are the encoders UL certified?

A:  Yes, the Integrated Encoder meets UL 325 standards and is cUR 325 recognized.

Q:  What is the operating temperature of the Integrated Encoder?

A:  The Integrated Encoder operates in temperatures of -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)

Q:  What is the IP rating for a BTR Encoder?

A:  Our encoders have an ingress protection rating of IP53.

Q:  What type of battery does the Encoder require?

A:  The Integrated Encoder requires a specific 3.6 volt battery (see user manual for part number).


Q:  How long is the Illumadoor strip?

A:  A single Illumadoor strip is 1 meter long.

Q:  How many colors does the Illumadoor have?

A:  The Illumadoor has 3 LED colors: red, amber and green.

Q:  How many LEDs on each Illumadoor?

A:  The Illumadoor has 30 highly visible LEDs that provide a 190 degree field of vision.


Q:  How many Illumadoors can be connected together?

A:  A total of 6 Illumadoors can be connected to a Junction Box and Power Supply.

Q:  Does the Illumadoor have a diffusing lens?

A:  Yes, the Illumadoor has a diffusing lens that reduces LED spot intensity.

Q:  Is the Illumadoor waterproof?

A:  Yes, the Illumadoor is IP65 rated.

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