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Wireless Remoste Host

Elgin, Illinois, October 1, 2020 – BTR Controls, Inc. a leading developer and manufacturer of custom controls for industrial doors, gates and docks today announces the introduction of a new Wireless Remote Host.


BTR’s new Remote Host connects wirelessly to any new or existing industrial door or gate sensor for trouble-free activation and safety.


Built for harsh environments typically found in industrial facilities, this device has terminal blocks for easy connection and one-button pairing of one sensor per one remote host. LED Indicator shows power, communication activity, and fault detection with door sensor or safety edge. This device requires 12-24VDC input power offers 150ft line of sight capability. FCC and IC licensed and operates at 2.4 GHz spectrum for global compliance. 

Additional information about the Wireless Remote Host and BTR Controls’ other products and services can be viewed here.


About BTR Controls, Inc.

BTR Controls’ vision is to provide innovative product design and manufacturing for the industrial door, gate and dock industry. In addition to the DG-Mini, BTR Controls offers the Digital Gateway®II advanced variable speed door controller, Illumadoor® Signaling System, molded encoder with both absolute position and pulse generator and the SeyWave® wireless system including door sensor module, remote push buttons & pull cord. BTR Controls is strategically located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.


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