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Illumadoor Strip

Elgin, Illinois, October 21, 2013 – BTR Controls, Inc. a developer and manufacturer of custom controls for industrial doors and docks today announced the introduction of a new Illumadoor® LED Signaling System .


The system is comprised of LED strip lights and a combination power supply junction box. Each 1M long strip has 30 LED modules containing individual red, amber & green colors. The overall LED strip is enclosed in silicone and then mounted in a custom aluminum extrusion with diffusing lens and brackets. This packaging provides an environmentally protected product for use in typical industrial and distribution facilities. The diffusing lens cuts down on distracting LED spot intensity while providing high visibility with a 190-degree field of vision.

A 1 ft. wire lead with IP67 rated circular connector is included for easy termination along with a 15M cable and mating connector. This cable selection will give maximum performance with minimal voltage drop over long-distance installations.


A combination power supply and junction box is offered to simplify installation of multiple LED strips. Each color is controlled by external user defined control logic. A predefined flashing command is available for connection to one or all colors. The power supply operates on 24-volt AC/DC and supplies 12 VDC power for up to 6 individual strips It is housed in a UL Type 4X enclosure. The Illumadoor® LED strip is ETL listed.


The individual strips can be conveniently located on the left and right side of each door in addition to both the front and back for clear indication of door function as defined by each industrial user. When mounted on the truck side of a loading dock and connected to a motion detector, the amber flashing lights act as a guide for the driver when backing in. Further connect the red and green lights to an available dock controller and now you have a complete dock signaling system. The amber color was selected for use as an industrial warning signal, while the red and green colors typically indicate stop and go conditions.


Additional information about the Illumadoor® Signaling System and BTR Controls’ other products and services can be viewed here.


About BTR Controls, Inc.

BTR Controls’ vision is to provide innovative product design and manufacturing for OEM’s in a changing world economy. In addition to the Illumadoor® Signaling System, BTR Controls offers the Digital Gateway® II advanced variable speed door controller, SeyWave® wireless door sensor module including remote push buttons & pull cord, and a molded encoder with both absolute position and pulse generator. BTR Controls is strategically located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.


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