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Absolute Encoder

Elgin, Illinois, January 12, 2011 – BTR Controls, Inc. a developer and manufacturer of custom industrial controls for OEM equipment manufacturers today announced the introduction of a new Low-Cost Multi-Turn Magnetic Absolute Encoder in a custom molded package.


The encoder takes advantage of current sine/cosine technology to help original equipment manufacturers lower the cost of monitoring position or speed. This versatile product brings a new innovation in encoder design through the utilization of low pressure custom molding. While available in a standard package, the overall footprint can be modified to easily integrate into a specific product design. The molding process produces a product that is inherently protected from the environment.


The encoder has no moving parts and uses a common diametrically polarized external rotating magnet for position and speed detection. It is capable of 12 bit resolution with a maximum speed of 6000 RPM as a multi-turn device. Standard RS485 serial communication simplifies product integration. In addition, a push pull output gives a selectable count of 20 or 50 pulses per revolution to directly monitor speed for feedback to the main control system.


The main power is 10 - 30 VDC with lithium battery backup if power is lost. Through a proprietary design, battery consumption is dynamic and proportional to the movement of the magnet for storing precise readings when the main power is disconnected. The battery level can be externally monitored to insure product dependability. Expected average life could exceed 10 years depending on usage.


The encoder comes with a molded-in cable and integrated strain relief. The cable length or termination style is customer specified. Several magnet mounting designs are available.


Complies with European standards EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4 Class A, EN61000-4 and EN61000-2.


Additional information about the Absolute Magnetic Encoder and BTR Controls’ other products and services can be viewed at or click here.


About BTR Controls, Inc.

BTR Controls’ vision is to provide innovative product design and manufacturing for OEM’s in a changing world economy. In addition to encoders, BTR Controls offers electronic control “design and build” services along with high volume electrical assembly services. BTR Controls is strategically located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.


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