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SeyWave Wireless System

Elgin, Illinois, October 21, 2013 – BTR Controls, Inc. a developer and manufacturer of custom controls for industrial and commercial doors and gates today announced the introduction of a new SeyWave® Wireless System meeting UL325 standards.


The system is comprised of a Host Module, Sensor Module, remote industrial push buttons, remote handheld button(s), and pull cord. It is designed to operate in the 2.4 GHz spectrum for global acceptance, is FCC and IC licensed, and meets UL325 standards. An ultra-low power design coupled with extremely fast signal transmissions makes this system unique in the industry. Full two-way communications ensures that every command is received and acknowledged. Setup is extremely easy requiring only the push of a button on the Host and each connected device.


The Host Module comes in a Din compatible case for mounting in an existing control panel or in its own UL Type 4X enclosure with clear cover. Included functions are Open, Close, Stop, Open/Close, Reversing Edge or Breakaway. An additional input from a closing signal works in conjunction with the Sensor Module to insure full system functionality. A low battery indicator from the remote devices helps in maintaining system functionality.


The Sensor Module is designed to work with most door and gate reversing systems in addition to connections for standard breakaway signals. An onboard sensor coupled with the Host closing signal guarantees that the system is active and functional before the door or gate is allowed to close. The electronics and battery are in a molded package used extensively in the automotive industry and thus offer maximum environmental and physical protection. There is a low battery signal sent to the Host while the exclusive circuitry assures a long battery life. Replacement of the module instead of just a battery will guarantee a fully tested functional device is always connected to the sensors.


Remote push buttons are all industrial grade and come in UL Type 4X enclosures. The membrane Open/Close/Stop version incorporates a monitored Stop command to parallel standard wiring practices. Other devices include a 90 mm palm button, ceiling pull cord with 11 lb. activation, and a 4 button handheld remote with silicone boot. Additional custom stations are available including stainless steel all matching the functions of the Host module.

The SeyWave® Wireless System becomes even more versatile when used with the BTR Digital Gateway® II advanced variable speed door and gate controller. It is a standard in the DG II and includes more integrated functions. Even the BTR Illumadoor® LED signaling system is controlled through DGII programming by the SeyWave® Wireless System.


Additional information about the SeyWave® Wireless System and BTR Controls’ other products and services can be viewed here.


About BTR Controls, Inc.

BTR Controls’ vision is to provide innovative product design and manufacturing for the door, gate and dock industry. In addition to the SeyWave® Wireless System, BTR Controls offers the Digital Gateway® II advanced variable speed door controller, Illumadoor® LED Signaling System, and a molded encoder with both absolute position and pulse generator. BTR Controls is strategically located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.


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